Patient Testimonials

Dr. Thakkar literally saved my life! I was always someone who had a phobia about going to the doctor but I decided I had to see him when I developed back pain. Images found a small spot on my colon but I never followed up. Dr. Thakkar called my wife, who is also a patient, and insisted I get it checked out. It turned out to be colon cancer. Dr. Thakkar organized my surgery and visited me every day in Edward Hospital. My back problems were caused by a herniated disc, but if he hadn’t insisted I check out the spot on my colon I could have died. Now I see him every three months and everything is fine. I feel very fortunate.
– Andrew

Dr. Thakkar really takes the time to sit with you and ask you about other areas of your life that could impact your health. He offers a very comprehensive service. I’ve been dealing with prostate cancer and he has counseled me personally and professionally. From my perspective he is very knowledgeable and looks at things in depth. He is someone who really listens.

– George

Our whole family loves Golden Rule Family Practice and have been patients of Dr. Thakkar since 2011.
Dr. Thakkar and his staff really take the time to get to know their patients personally and are very accommodating regarding appointments and after hours care.

Dr. Thakkar has a genuine interest in his patients immediate as well as long term care and is always researching and identifying treatment options in order to develop an overall health plan tailored to each individual.

We are very thankful we found such a caring and knowledgeable medical team at Golden Rule Family Practice!

– Karen

Dr. Thakkar reminds me of the doctor in Little House on the Prairie or Mayberry. He’s like an old school family country doctor. He really takes the time to get to know you. His reception staff are very, very helpful. If you call in the morning for an appointment they can fit you in that afternoon. I have his cell phone number and he will call you personally with test results. Dr. Thakkar is not one of those doctors who will just give you pills or guesses what’s wrong. When my wife had an issue he send her straight away to a specialist at the University of Chicago who came up with a game plan. Dr. Thakkar then coordinated that plan. When I was in hospital he visited me every day. He’s very compassionate and really takes time for you.

– Russell

Dr. Thakkar is a very fine man and competent doctor who refers me to other caring competent doctors when necessary. They have always made very positive remarks about him. When I developed kidney problems he not only referred me to a urologist but then explained everything to me again after I had seen him. I’ve been his patient since he took over the practice in 2011. His ideal is that you can call for a same day appointment and I really appreciate it.

– Nancy

Dr. Thakkar was quite a find for our family. He treats our immediate family as well as our parents. The thing we like about him most is his ability to coordinate care for my parents when several doctors are involved. He knows what testing needs to be done and who needs to be consulted. He also understands insurance. He’s very thorough. My parents have been with him since the beginning and he has coordinated their care in such a loving, understanding and compassionate way. He goes above and beyond to make sure they are getting the best care possible. He is very easy to talk to and explains things in a way we can all understand. Part of his success stems from the team he has hired who have many of his qualities. He is a dedicated doctor that we have so enjoyed working with over the years. I have recently moved but I will continue to travel back for my yearly physicals with him.

– Beth